"If you want to go fast, drive with us"



Eric Rossini began driving in HPDE 2009 at Watkins Glen. Since then his passion for motorsports has grown and Eric has progressed to being an easily recognizable instructor for some of the best organizations in the region. Having coached for SCDA, REDACTED, Audi, Hooked on Driving, Chintrackdays, NEDE and serving as CDI for MASSBMW Eric has had the opportunity to observe many different events and organizations and has pulled on these experiences to found Dynosaur Motorsports.


In 2020, after a season in which many events were either cancelled or forced to alter their plans Dynosaur Motorsports was founded. Dynosaur brought together some of the best people from across the region to help plan a successful first track day which saw seventy-five drivers visiting Palmer Motorsports Park on October 11th, 2020. For many in attendance this event was heralded as one of the best events that they had attended during the decimated 2020 season.


Dynosaur places a strong emphasis on the continued improvement of our drivers. This is done by utilizing a method of instruction in which coaches and students pair off to maximize the amount of input a student will receive.


Bringing together everyone with a passion for motorsports, Dynosaur welcomes all drivers from experienced race teams and some of New England’s fastest drivers to the first timer looking for the best paced driving HPDE in the Northeast. 


Dynosaur closely monitors each and every run group. Dynosaur is dedicated to the best instruction for novices, well paced groups for intermediates and two advanced run groups at every event. If you want to go fast without being held up in trains or dealing with non-cooperative drivers Dynosaur is for you. 


 If you want to go fast, drive with us.