About the mini coopers...

Along the way to our first full season at Dynosaur, my mechanic picked up a 2009 Mini Cooper S. I personally got a chance to drive it on the street one day, and I immediately enjoyed the go-kart level handling and how quick it was given its 180ish HP and very

low weight.

In May 2021, my mechanic (Mitchell) could be seen wheeling it around Thompson getting everything he could out of the car. The little Mini’s squealing tires could be heard everywhere. Mitchell was keeping pace with much faster cars. My intrigue grew so I asked to drive it for some laps, and was really impressed with the car’s handling and grip.

In June 2021, we headed to Club Motorsports and Mitchell’s dad Brian decided to join us for the first time and picked up a blue Mini Cooper S for the event.

At our July 2021 Palmer Motorsports Park event, we had even more Minis. They were multiplying! Again, I got to drive one and had a blast.

Soon, we found out the owners of Eaton Motorsports were on a hunt for a Mini Cooper S, and purchased one that had previously been on track. Soon, seeing a fleet of Mini Cooper S’s at Dynosaur Motorsports events became all too common. Even more impressive was seeing these cars keep pace with much more powerful cars.

That Summer, I found myself putting too many miles on My 2018 Ford Raptor and decided I need to get a cheap daily car so I wouldn’t go past my 5 year / 60K warranty. I started my search for a Mini Cooper S, and found a low mileage 2012 in August 2021.

In my opinion, the Mini Cooper S is one of those overlooked and forgotten about cars. I certainly didn’t give them much thought until I saw Mitchell wheeling one. I swore I would only use it as a daily driver to keep the miles down on my Raptor, but I soon found my way to ADSI and using it for an Auto-X. The car held up extremely well for a 10 year old car, and I drove it home getting 30 MPG too.

I’m looking forward to seeing more Minis at our events in 2022!

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