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Flight of the Raptor - 508intl

I know why you're here, keep scrolling. Video at the bottom!

A big warm thank you to all of the people who turned out on Sunday for a day of playing in (what was left of)the snow and mud after a record breaking week of warm days. Our trips to 508 with all of you never disappoint. These events are a perfect opportunity to scratch that motorsports itch that never seems to go away when you live in an area of the world with this dreaded "winter" thing.

As a reminder, we're back at it on March 6th for our final Winter-X of the season. After that we are quickly approaching race car season. For a full calendar of Dynosaur events please visit: www.dynosaurmotorsports.com

We make the most of it here at Dynosaur. Where some people see a bump, we see an opportunity for flight.

Great to see this fan favorite back in action on Sunday! The owner opted for a more grounded approach to navigation this time around and we can't say we blame him.

Even we get surprised occasionally by what shows up to our events. Check out this INCREDIBLY rare Bowler that got after it

For motor Photos from ShootForDetail and to purchase prints are available here

Photo Credit to Ryan Stanson - for his work and to purchase please visit https://www.stansonphotography.com/

...And finally.

Drone Footage Provided by NandoFPV https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3Vg3opBHHnNtQaVId848Jw

"If you want to go fast, drive with us."

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