In the Summer of 2019, I was invited to go 508 International in Charlton, MA. 508 International is a very large off-road facility. There is rock crawling, trails to drive on, but I was most drawn to the dirt course around the Motocross area. I spent a good part of my time wheeling my 2018 Raptor around that part of the course. It was a great time.

In February of 2020, I was invited to coach with Audi at Team O’Neil Rally School. At this event, Audi mostly ran a slalom course and skid pad set up. While this was fun, I was drawn more to the actual rally course. The instructors were allowed to drive it, and I took passengers for several rides through it. Again, it was a great time even though I got stuck twice.

Then, the pandemic hit and that restricted a lot of activities. I was still able to do some HPDE days and enjoy driving in 2020… but the pandemic persisted and the second wave slowed things down for all us again. In the Winter of 2021, I came up with the idea to run the snow covered outer track at 508 International and with just six days notice we had over 40 drivers show up to run at our first event. We repeated it again just two weeks later, and we had nearly 80 drivers run their vehicles at event.

Our Winter-X event has been run in deep snow, warm winter days and even in icy conditions. In 2021 we ran two separate courses. We call them course A & B. In 2022, we are still running two courses but moved into the Motocross course.

Our Winter-X is unlike any other winter driving event. Since we now utilize some of the motocross track, drivers can experience steep elevation rises and drop offs. There are even some excellent banked turns. The course is very safe, clearly marked and extremely fun. We’ve had everything from Dodge TRX’s to Miatas run the courses.

The courses have some fast parts, technical parts and even some 360 features. It is like an Auto-X and Rally course had a baby. This is not a competitive event. So, all abilities are welcome to run at their comfort level. There is no shagging cones like an auto-X. The Dynosaur staff will stop and fix the course as needed. This allows everyone to have as many runs as they wish. I have personally used over 35 gallons of gas in one day!

The best part about our unique, challenging and fun day is it is a LOT less expensive than a lot of other winter driving events. We charge $99 for the day, and we have seen prices as high as $599 to run far less exciting courses.

Not sure you want to take your car? Not a problem. Come pay us a visit, and take a ride with one of us. We even have helmets you can borrow. We are fully insured for these events, and we assure you will have the best time at our events this Winter.

Our next Winter-X takes place February 22nd, and we've waived spectator fees! Registration here:

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