Track Walk




Whenever possible, and permitted by the racetrack,Dynosaur Motorsports will conduct a track walk. On single day events, this will typically be done at lunch.

On two day events, it will be done at the conclusion of the first day. 

Track walks are for those who thirst for knowledge. A track walk is a unique experience, and it will show you things you don't see while in-car. You will see elevation changes, pavement changes and the person conducting the track walk will talk to you about the line, braking points and acceleration points. 


Track walks are excellent tools for stripping away seconds from your lap times. Dynosaur Motorsports caters to the most advanced drivers who will find fractions of seconds by doing these track walks, and intermediates and novices will find even more. 


Dynosaur motorsports is for the driver who wants to constantly improve, and is hungry for knowledge not just cheeseburgers at lunch. We will make you faster, smarter and help you advance your driving to the next level.